Finally, a COMPLETE Football Strength Training System That Will Make Your Athletes Stronger and More Explosive Than Ever Before!

Recommended By Some Of The World’s Top Strength Coaches, This System Will Make Your Athletes Injury Resistant And Transfer Immediately To On-Field Performance!

Coaching football is hard.

Winning football games is even harder. That’s why you spend so much time watching film, attending clinics, teaching, scouting and meeting for hours on end.

It’s the greatest sport on Earth, but it’s hard.

A great strength & conditioning program can have a HUGE impact on your football team, but with so much garbage available on the internet, how do you decide what’s best? Coaching already takes enough time and energy, so you need something that’s easy to implement, safe, proven, comprehensive and gets results fast. You just found it!

The Maximum Football Strength Program.

Training has evolved. Programs created 20 years ago, that many schools still use, are now completely out of date. They’re incomplete and downright dangerous.

Times have changed. You don’t have to settle for that anymore.

Created by former college strength and conditioning coaches and used by thousands of athletes, Maximum Football Strength is the most advanced and complete football training program available.

“We’ve tried everything out there, and I can honestly say that MFT is hands-down the most effective and easiest to implement program available.It has eliminated all sorts of problems for us and made us stronger and more athletic than we’ve ever been. Thank you for creating this program.”
Chris Miller
Loyola High School, Los Angeles, CA

“This system has made a huge difference in our football program. Our team is not only stronger than ever before, but we now prevent many of the injuries that have bogged us down in the past. Most importantly, our team trains as a team. This system is the best value there is for training your team. Jim, Adam, and Frank are the experts in efficient training. There are none better.”
Dan MacLean
Detroit Country Day, Beverly Hills, MI

Getting your athletes bigger, faster and stronger obviously makes a difference on the field.

Unfortunately, you don’t get paid enough to be in the weight room everyday to implement your program. You certainly don’t get paid enough to research every option, test them all and create a perfect plan. You have enough to do already, and if you wanted to be a strength coach, you would have gone to school for that.Well, we did, and we created MFS so you can concentrate on football, knowing you have the best strength and speed program available. It’s like having your own strength coach on staff full-time.

  • You don’t have to read hundreds of books and research studies – we did that for you.
  • You don’t have to spend years of your life assisting under legendary strength coaches – we did that for you.
  • You don’t have to work as a college strength & conditioning coach for years to gain practical experience – we did that for you.
  • We’ve even spent years testing and tweaking the program, earned multiple degrees, passed certification exams and attended clinics all over the country. We did this so we could share it all with you.

You don’t have the same resources available that BCS colleges and NFL teams have, so copying them is a mistake. We’ve taken the most critical elements of many of these programs and distilled them down into an easy-to-implement system that can easily be used by football coaches at any level.

That’s why you see college and NFL coaches actually endorsing this program. This isn’t some bro-science program made up by the biggest guy at the gym down the street. The MFS program is your ticket to training like the pros, but in a way that will work for your environment.

Maximum Football Strength is the compilation of all of this, and it was created specifically for the coach who wants the best for his players.

“I’ve seen about a million programs and I know coaches try to piece them together in an effort to build something complete for their athletes. Maximum Football Training has taken the best parts of these programs and combined them in a way that is designed specifically for the high school football player. Jim, Adam and Frank are highly qualified coaches that I trust, and they have put together the most complete and efficient program I’ve seen for high school football”

Ron McKeefery
Eastern Michigan University Strength & Conditioning

“Jim Kielbaso is one of the most well respected individuals in the strength and conditioning profession. I have been blessed to call Jim a friend and colleague for several years. Jim is extremely dedicated to bringing the best training principles to his athletes! When I need information and new ideas I go to Jim, he has an expansive knowledge base and truly knows how to get the most out of any training environment. The library of articles and books that Jim has authored are a must have for any serious coach! When you are looking to gain an edge for your athletes Jim is the coach to seek out.”

Ted Rath
Detroit Lions Strength & Conditioning

“The biggest problem in high school football training programs is that many of them focus simply on the end result without giving proper attention to the process. This leads to countless injuries and many wasted hours of training that didn’t cause any real gains. Maximum Football Training is the most comprehensive, balanced and appropriate program out there. Its simplicity makes it an option for any high school football program and it’s safe and efficient nature will protect your athlete’s from head to toe.”

Darl Bauer
West Virginia University Strength & Conditioning

You have the opportunity to end all of that by implementing a complete and proven system created by experts in the field. Even if you have a strength coach you trust, he’s going to love MFS. This program is going to make life easier for everyone, and allow you and your strength coach to do what you do best: coach.

jim-kielbasoI’ve spent most of my life training football players. I’m a former college strength coach, I’ve written two books on speed training, produced multiple training videos, and spoken at coaches’ clinics around the country. I work with several high schools, and every year sports agents send players to me to train for the NFL combine. I’ve helped a lot of guys make it to the NFL and I’ve even helped develop guys from high school all the way to the league.

Jim Kielbaso

cliff-avril“Jim Kielbaso is great at what he does. Every time I work with him I feel I feel fast, explosive and well conditioned. Jim is a very knowledgeable trainer and you should start training with him now.”

Cliff Avril
Seattle Seahawks DE

kyle-vanden-bosch“I really enjoy training with Jim Kielbaso. He definitely understands what athletes need and his training methods work. If you get a chance to train with Jim or learn about his training methods, I absolutely recommend you take it.”

Kyle Vanden Bosch
3-Time NFL Pro Bowl Selection

sean-hooey“I trained with Jim in high school where he helped me prepare for college football. I returned to Jim to prepare for the NFL, and he helped me make my dreams come true.”

Sean Hooey
St. Louis Rams OT

You have the opportunity to end all of that by implementing a complete and proven system created by experts in the field. Even if you have a strength coach you trust, he’s going to love MFS. This program is going to make life easier for everyone, and allow you and your strength coach to do what you do best: coach.

image003My education and experiences have allowed me to create and refine this program so that you can get the same results as the guys I’ve worked with. To make this program even better, I’ve teamed up with two more incredible coaches, Adam Stoyanoff and Frank Wozny, to take this program over the top. Like me, Adam is a former college strength coach and an expert in the area of strength development. His ability to pack strength and size onto football players is second to none. Adam’s experiences playing college football, coaching at a big-time program, and working at multiple high schools has played a huge role in the development of MFS.

image005Frank Wozny was the captain of a championship-caliber high school football team. In college, he chose to focus on becoming a strength coach instead of playing, and his decision has paid off. Frank has now worked with more high school football players than just about anyone in our area, and he has become well known for his ability to get athletes into exceptional football shape. Combined, we have nearly 40 years of experience, three masters degrees, six certifications and we’ve worked with thousands of football players at every level. These experiences have allowed us to create MFS so that you can rest easy, knowing that your program is the best and will help you dominate on the football field.

Notice that I said dominate on the football field and not just in the weight room. While I can assure you that MFS gets athletes stronger than you ever thought possible, football is not a power lifting meet.

Yes, we bench and squat, but that doesn’t win football games. You have to be a complete football player, which is why MFS includes everything you need to develop an athlete – speed development, agility workouts, plyometrics, mobility work, total-body strength development, conditioning, and more.

MFS - PDF VIDEOHere’s what you get with the Maximum Football Strength Program:

Hours of Instructional Videos

Rather watch than read? No problem. Sit down at your computer and learn how to use the MFS system. To make things even easier, you can have your athletes watch too.

163 page Complete Instructional Manual

This manual lays it all out in language that’s easy to understand. You’ll appreciate the balance between detail and simplicity, science and practicality. We’ll also teach you important aspects of the program like how to modify it for injuries, how to adapt to unforeseen schedule changes, modifications for athletes playing other sports and more.

Year-Round Strength Program

Detailed, comprehensive and periodized program that is easy to implement with large groups and limited resources

In-Season Program

In-season training is a hassle because you’ve got so many other things to worry about. This simple program maintains strength and size in just twenty minutes, twice a week. The year-round program flows right into this so your team will already know exactly what to do.


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And, if all of this wasn’t enough, we offer an iron-clad money back guarantee. If, after implementing the program for 60-days, you don’t agree that it’s the best, most complete program available, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. We’re that confident that you’re going to love MFS.


Course Price : $99.00